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 2002 Ford Escape in Sedalia, MO

The key was stolen and the owner didn't have a spare key.  We went to the vehicle, cut a key and programmed the vehicle to accept the new key and delete the stolen key from the PCM.  This prevents the old key from starting the vehicle.  The customer also wanted a new remote for the vehicle so we programmed a new one into the vehicle.


 Lost key replacement on a 2006 Infiniti QX56 in Columbia, MO.  We specialize in lost key replacement for all Infiniti and Nissan vehicles.  We can do regular keys or the smart keys. Feel free to call us for a spare smart key or to replace your keys if lost.  Our number is 573-645-4001.


 This is a 2006 Dodge Charger that we cut and programmed a key to in Columbia, Missouri.  The owner had lost the key and needed a new one for his car.  We can cut and program keys to all Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles.  We replace lost car keys and make spare keys. We provide on site service to Columbia, MO and all surrounding areas.


 This is a 2009 Toyota Prius that the owner lost his smart key, and didn't have a spare key. These smart keys have to be programmed in order to start the car. We have the tools and knowledge to make keys and program all Toyota and Lexus keys, remotes, remote head keys or smart keys.  This car was located here in Columbia, MO, we provide on site service to Columbia and all surrounding areas.  


 This vehicle is a 2003 Dodge Durango, the owner lost the key and needed a new key cut and programmed. The owner had removed the old ignition lock and put a used lock in the lock housing.  The vehicle still won't start because the used lock needs a key cut and programmed in order to start the vehicle. Columbia Lost Car specializes in making replacement car or truck keys and programming the car or truck to accept the new key or keys.  It is always a good idea to have a spare key made for your car just in case something happens to your main key.  We provide a mobile on site service to Columbia, MO and all surrounding areas.  If you need a spare key or have lost your last key please call us to schedule a appointment at 573-645-4001.


 This car is a 2012 Ford Focus in Columbia, MO in which the owner had lost the key.  We at Columbia Lost Car Key made a new key for the car and programmed the vehicle to accept the new key.  We have the knowledge and diagnostic tools to make the keys, and do the necessary programming on these newer cars that have transponder chips in the keys.

Columbia Lost Car Key cut and program all keys, remotes, or smart keys to all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models.   Columbia Lost Car Key provides on site service for Columbia and all surrounding areas. If you would like a spare chip key made for your car or truck please give us a call at 573-645-4001.



VW key making and programming

If you have ever called the dealer to get a price quote on having a new key made for your VW when you have lost all the keys they you know it will cost you a lot of money.  You would have to tow your car to the VW dealer.  Then you would pay more for them making the key and more for programing in the key into your car.

We can save you time and money.  We can cut a new key for your car and do all the programming for it on site.  After we finish the process you will have a working key for your VW car.  We will come to you in the Columbia and surrounding areas.  We can make almost all VW keys including the new high security car keys.

Here are some photos of the last Volkswagen we did. We decoded the lock to get the key cut information, cut the high security key, and programed it into the car.


 This vehicle is a 2007 Toyota Camry which has a push button start ignition.  This Camry uses a special key called a Smart Key, when using this Smart Key you don't need to insert it into a ignition, simply have it in the car and push the start button to start the car.

These kinds of Smart Keys are being used on alot of the newer cars such as Toyota Prius, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Sonata and many other cars...   

We can cut the emergency key and program these newer Smart Keys for all the makes and models that are equipped with this new technology. 

If you only have one of these Smart Keys I highly recommend for you to contact us to get a spare one made in case something happens to your primary Smart Key.

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